Ayurvedic  Essential Oil Massage

1 hr | $85

This massage comes with a 15 ml bottle of one  of our simply earth essential oil.  Pick your favorite and take the bottle home with you.

Deep Tissue  Massage

1 hr | $70

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

CBD  Oil Massage

1 hr | $85

This massage comes with a one once bottle  of our locally grown and processed 1000mg CBD oil.  

Thai Table or Floor massage

1 hr | $70

Come enjoy a different style of massage that includes deep yoga type stretches and compression.  This can be done on the table or floor.


45 min/ | $55

Enjoy a warm soak with essential oils and epson salt. Enjoy a wonderful foot and leg massage with one of our wonderful oils.

Swedish Massage

1 hr | $6

A gentle massage done with hands or hot stones.  Choose one of our wonderful house oils or essential oil blends to use.

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